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Astrid’s work is an ode to the diversity of the Fashion and Beauty industry. It’s a world of pure emotion and this to her is Art. The industry has always fascinated her, especially its ability to transform. It’s beauty lies too, in that it’s constantly changing not static, continuously evolving.

“ I love to create strong characters in a loose dynamic way but with an edge, ‘Chic & Edgy’ ” which is a reflection of Astrid herself.”

Astrid started her carrier straight out of the art academy in Arnhem when she began working in Paris for different styling and fashion agents. After doing this for at least 10 years, she returned to Amsterdam where she drew for various advertising companies for another decade, after which she branched into multiple design projects.

After more than 15 years of not touching brush or pencil, she started drawing again.

Fascinated by social media in particular Instagram, she started posting her work in early 2016. When the popular Drawbertson named her as one of his favorite nine artists, Astrid’s Instagram quickly acquired lots of new fans and followers. Fashion designers and other creative people from the Industry like Pat McGrath, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, Anna Cleveland and many other top models, started re-posting her work.

A couple of months after her `Instagram-launch’ L’Oréal Paris booked her for the Paris Fashion Week during the launch of their `Gold Obsession Party.’ She attended fourteen shows, drawing all the beauty-looks of the models backstage. It was an amazing event with an array of supermodels, make-up artist and designers; see video below of Karlie Kloss’s reaction after Astrid drew her portrait.

Astrid loves the challenge of ‘Live Drawing’ during all types of events, shows and parties, it’s where she’s at her best, capturing the energy of the moment in her work.

Don`t copy my artwork!